3 Reasons To Get Custom Rims On Your Tires

Custom rims are not only attractive and let your vehicle stand out, they can have many benefits as well. Here are 3 reasons for you to get custom rims on your car’s tires. Easy upgrade There are many ways to upgrade your vehicle so it has greater aesthetic appeal, such as redoing the interior, painting […]

Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Tires

If you have just spent hundreds of dollars on replacement tires, it is likely a concern that you avoid having to replace your tires anytime soon and that you get the full potential of your tires before replacing them. To ensure you are protecting your investment and that you maximize the lifespan of your tires, […]

Stay Vigilant Against Heat-Caused Tire Distress All Summer — Not Just During Extreme Heat

If your city has been experiencing very hot weather, getting into your air-conditioned car and heading to an air-conditioned building has likely become your daily routine. But take great care with your car. As sturdy as it is, it’s got its weak points, including the tires. Hot weather and hot roadways can damage tires to […]

Do I Need My Tires Balanced?

Any time you have a tire installed on your car, it needs to be properly balanced. The purpose of balancing a tire is to ensure that weight is evenly distributed around the car’s axle, giving you a very smooth ride in the process. If you thought you do not need to get your tires balanced […]

Top Questions About Salvaged Tires And Wheels

If you have some experience with buying pulled parts at an auto salvage yard, it is likely that you will see tires and wheels available on occasion. However, most salvage customers shy away from buying wheels and tires at a junkyard just because these parts are such an important safety feature on any vehicle. Yet […]

Your Tires Determine Your Safety

Only four small patches of rubber are between your car and the road. These small patches are what keep you safe while driving at high speeds on the highway. Here is how your tires were built to do this job and how to know when you have a tire safety problem. Safety is in the […]